Financing options for your new roof

Financing options for your new roof

Your roof repair is not something that can be taken lightly or put off for a substantial amount of time. Every day that your roof sits in a state of disarray, your house becomes less of a home. There is a serious chance of security breaches, inclement weather causing serious damage, possible pest infestation and many other risks that you may not have considered.

To put it bluntly, the roof is not something that can wait in slow finances. The roofer NJ trusts for important repairs, Advantage Roofing, understands this reality. This is exactly why Advantage Roofing offers roof financing along with trustworthy repair, renovation and installation services.

Streamlined Financing

Advantage Roofing has partnered with GreenSky to create the easiest path to qualification for your financing. As a leader in consumer credit, GreenSky gives us the leverage that we need to make things easy and simple for you. We not only offer financing for your roofing needs - we have an entire suite of options for your consideration.

12 Months, 18 Months, No Interest Available

When you do business with Advantage Roofing, you can choose between a 12 month financing plan, an 18 month financing plan, and we also have options that completely eliminate those annoying interest charges that quickly add up.

The application process for financing with Advantage Roofing is a simple, fully digital affair. Forget endless forms and needlessly penetrating questions. You have only a fast and easy paperless application that you can complete over the phone or using a convenient mobile app.

Same Day Funding

With Advantage Roofing, you can have a problem and a solution with your roof on the same day. We understand how uncomfortable and dangerous a home can be with a roof that is in need of repair. We also understand that emergencies do happen. This is why we can get you same day funding if necessary.

Simple Terms of Payback

Forget complex arrangements that are made to confuse you into paying more. With Advantage Roofing financing, simply pay the amount due before the expiration of your promotional period to erase all of your interest.

Your Next Move

If you have a problem with your roof, call us immediately. Do not let a small thing become a big thing - money is no longer an excuse. Let us fix it now - pay us back later!

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