How do you decide to repair or replace your old windows?

Like most things exposed to mother nature, wear and tear is only a natural part of their life cycles, including your houses’ windows. Before jumping the gun and dishing out the cash for some expensive windows, keep in mind that’s not the only option, regular maintenance is always plausible but is it worthwhile?

Let us help you decide.

New windows offer a vast array of benefits over older models, while the technology may have not had any major breakthroughs in recent years, windows from say, the 90’s, are widely outdated compared to modern options. Smoother operation, limited maintenance, energy saving, fewer drafts, ease of cleaning, and even eco-friendly.

A tough decision with many advantages in upgrading, but is it so friendly with your wallet? The cost of installation will run almost as much as the windows themselves, and not having a professional handle that will likely lead to problems down the road.

We’ll run you through some very specific situations in which upgrading would be worthwhile.

Are your old windows a maintenance nightmare? With constant repairs and maintenance are you spending more over time keeping your current, outdated, windows alive rather than just replacing them? Consider the ease of operation. Do you have trouble even opening them? With modern windows, operation feels smooth and effortless. Older windows are also often held together with painted wood, which not only leads to eventual wood rot, but the bad aesthetic of the paint chipping away, constantly requiring maintenance. However, the current host of window options are generally created using an aluminum or vinyl cladding, or made from vinyl or a composite, saying farewell to this type of maintenance completely. Condensation can also be a problem with visibility to seeing outside of your house and soaking your trim. High efficiency glass panels in new windows will reduce this problem drastically. If your windows are old-school, then you’re still putting up and taking down storm windows to accommodate for extreme weather conditions. Modern windows already have this durability as well as sound reduction built right into them. If you can’t even tolerate cleaning your windows, maybe it’s time for a replacement, new models are designed with ease of cleaning in mind.

Are your current windows sufficient? Windows with a single pane aren’t designed with efficiency in mind and will often leaving a room feeling cold and dry in lower temperatures, and overheated in higher temps. With double-pane windows they’re designed with comfort in mind, from blocking much of the heat and chilly weather, cold drafts from the chill of cold glass, they’ll also reduce condensation forming on the glass. Not only all that but double-pane windows have been proven more energy efficient, while the savings don’t immediately show themselves so pronounced, you’ll notice in time you’re saving on heating and air conditioning.

Are your old windows worth maintaining? Repairing and restoring windows is almost always possible if you’re willing to put in the effort to maintain them and can find the correct replacement pieces if need be, it’s just not always worth the effort and expenses. Once a window begins to rot, not only is replacing the rotted wood a difficult job, it’s also something you’ll have to constantly maintain. Misaligned, broken, or bent, crank based windows can be a real problem, sure replacing the crank is easily done but if they fall out of alignment or bend, finding a replacement is often your only option. Seeking the materials needed for maintaining older windows can even be difficult, often manufacturers just halt production on certain parts and you’ll be stuck scouring the internet in the hopes of finding that one necessary part or just simply replacing the window as a manner of both future proofing and easing any hassles you’ve had with it.

With a team of highly trained and licensed professionals, we know the proper fixes to handle any roofing, window, or siding related situation and you can trust that we’ll be able to solve your issue with utmost diligence while providing a cost-effective solution. Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule a face to face meeting with the head of Advantage Roofing, Brian Speyerer.

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