Signs you need a new roof.

Signs You Need a New Roof

If your roof is really starting to show some age with visible wear and tear, wouldn’t you think it’s time for a replacement? In some cases, sure, the occasional spot fix would deem itself worthwhile, but in the end, you’re going to need to replace the whole thing before it inevitably gets worse. We’ve seen a homeowner even wasting money just to fix some minor damage only to see it get worse within a few weeks and need to be entirely redone.

We’ll share some insider information from our pros here at Advantage Roofing all about roof maintenance:

Roof Leak – You’re in the peak of an intense storm, but you’ve seen your house get through worse right? Well the previous storm really did a number on your home and left you with some damage you didn’t know was there and now you’ve sprung a leak dripping straight from your ceiling onto that new carpet. While a bucket might be a temporary solution, you’re going to need a permanent fix ASAP. A fix provided to you through a fully licensed and insured professional to make sure this doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

Shingle Damage – Shingles aren’t a perfect technology, so being aware of the signs that yours are aging is a solid step in maintaining a weather proofed roof. Shingle damage is for the most part, easily identified, noticeable common wear and tear problems include curling or not laying flat, becoming brittle, or even falling off entirely. Something a little less visible is a shingle losing its’ granules, of course this takes years of constant wear and tear but leads to the shingle inevitably falling apart.

Visible Daylight – Sometimes your problem could be as simple as a small hole and a visit to the attic. Venturing to your attic during broad daylight, while keeping the lights off could lead to the discovery of a small hole letting daylight through as well as any concurrent weather.

Wet, Rotting, or Moldy Wood – If your shingles aren’t holding up to the forces of mother nature and letting water come through, it’s a frequent problem that the wood beams supporting your roof will become ideal for mold growth and even begin to rot away letting your roof sag inwards. It’s always a great idea to keep an eye out for any wet spots residing in your attic, and to contact a professional immediately if there are any visible problems.

Here at Advantage Roofing we’ve been assisting homeowners of South Jersey for 21 years and have dealt with all of these problems actively destroying homes and more.

With a team of highly trained and licensed professionals, we know the proper fixes to handle any roofing, window, or siding related situation and you can trust that we’ll be able to solve your issue with utmost diligence while providing a cost-effective solution. Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule a face to face meeting with the head of Advantage Roofing, Brian Speyerer.

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